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on my server and deleting them). Content provider callbacks are a well defined entry point from where data is modified. DroidTEstHelper app in your target device, you only do the following broadcast command. ALL users, not individual users; it's not clear from your question which behavior you want. If you have views, CursorLoaders in place and want to be informed about updates or wish to expose deletion of your app data to other apps, content provider is the cleanest approach). The /img/tasks/ are two folders down from my base path. As an example, the result I see for echo AllUsersProfile is on Windows 7: C:ProgramData on Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll Users. I know this question is a bit old, but this is something simple that works for me very well to delete images off my project I'm working. Hence, its a desired place to notify others of changes using: null assume you have views that show a listing of such file items. Uri will look like: The prime advantage of using content provider here is that you automatically gain the observer model.

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As you know, you can remove local application data via adb command. Which your content provider will need to map to file. AccountManager provided by Android platform, the command cant remove the data stored via account manager. Type to your target account type. Remove account via application. Adb shell am broadcast -a 'DroidTestHelper' -es account_type count. But, if your application use. So, your app will need to fetch a content Uri from the app containing the file and call into its content provider to delete. 'g The dirname file section prints out the base path to your project. Android's content provider framework has certain added advantages when compared to directly manipulating data.

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